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Does Online Education Offer Diversity in College?

Abigail Fisher applied to the University of Texas for admission as an undergraduate student, but was not accepted due to her race. So she sued the University of Texas in Federal District court in Austin. What makes this case so interesting are two things: 1) This is not a historical case that took place in […]

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Finding the Career You Had All Along: An Interview with Jude Anker

Sometimes the best-laid career plans turn out to be the most elusive events in life. That’s not to say you shouldn’t put some effort into planning your future. However, you also shouldn’t be disappointed (or even rattled) if all those carefully thought-out plans turn out to be little more than amusing memories later in life. […]

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How to Remain Confident While Looking for a Job

If you happen to fall in that unfortunate demographic of being unemployed during this economic slump it can be hard to keep your spirits up as you look for a job. Oh sure, people tell you to “buck up,” “be positive,” “put a smile on your face,” blah, blah, blah. Although all that is good […]

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How Will the New Facebook Impact Online Education?

With all the changes that have been happening to Facebook in the last two days, it’s hard NOT to notice the complaints from users streaming across the newsfeed. Placards that proclaim, “I hate the new Facebook!” are propagating the Internet faster than bunnies in heat. But just like when the streaming newsfeed replaced the static […]

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Is Graduate School Right for You? An Admissions Advisor Tells All: Part 2

So you’ve decided to go to graduate school, which means you have the passion and drive to explore a deeper degree of study that you don’t get with a bachelor’s degree. It also means that (A) You have a means of supporting yourself for however long it takes to complete your advanced degree, or (B) […]

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One Woman’s (Post College) Plan B

“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence:? Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—? I took the one less traveled by,? And that has made all the difference.” –Robert Frost (1916) When you graduate from college everyone tells you, “The world is your oyster.” Whatever the heck that […]

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Former Sorority President Talks About Post-Grad Greek Life

Greek Life

Before I went to university, my idea of Greek life was not unlike Anna Faris’ character in The House Bunny. I am so grateful to have met two charming sisters during my university experience who proved my ideas about Greek life to be very wrong. When one of my roommates decided to spend the year […]

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Career and Marriage: Advice From a 5-Year-Old

marriage or career

I get the shivers when I hear about acquaintances getting engaged or married. I have told my closest friends they are not allowed to get engaged yet, unless such engagement involves a bachelorette party in Las Vegas (my new favourite place). Check out this super-cute video captured by a 5-year old’s older sister. This girl […]

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Go Outside: Walking is Free and College is Not

Photo: stefg74

Being on a college budget doesn’t mean every moment of free time outside of class should be spent browsing the Internet and playing CoD. There are other cost-effective things to do in the world, believe it or not. Even now, you sit here reading this blog entry, fully plugged into the Matrix. Have you been […]

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Social Studies: Do’s and Don’ts for University Social Life

college social life

Congratulations! You’ve made it through high school and all the awkward parties, first days of school, clicks and cliches that go along with it. Gone are the jocks, the cool kids, the emo kids, the nerds, the band geeks and the book worms. Turns out you can be interested in more than one thing and […]

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