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Honest Career Advice That Today’s College Graduates Can Use


College graduations will be going on all over the country this month and throughout most of July. Typically one of the most unpredictable moments in a graduation ceremony is the commencement address. Unfortunately, these speeches seldom tell us what we want to hear—how to find a job, make money quickly, land on our feet when […]

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Words of Wisdom: 5 Awesome Commencement Speeches

jk-rowling commencement speech

Meant to inspire, encourage and usher you confidently into the next chapter of your life, a commencement speech can either make or break your graduation ceremony. Just in case your commencement address wasn’t all-inspiring, here are five of my favourite commencement speeches that are sure to put you into post-grad action mode. 1. J.K Rowling’s […]

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