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3 Times When Saying No Can Be a Good Thing


If there’s one word synonymous with negativity, it’s “no”. How else can one come to view the opposite of yes, okay, and sure? No can easily sound like stop, don’t, can’t, or won’t, but it doesn’t necessarily mean something negative. When I was a little girl who wanted certain things, like too much junk food […]

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5 Must-Have Habits of Successful People


Everyone wants to be a success story. No matter what field you’ve found yourself in, I’m sure you set out imagining how great things could be with a little hard work. Perhaps you imagined making loads of money, meeting tons of clients, and even having to hire more hands to help. These are all wonderful […]

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6 Ways to Handle a Workplace Bully


We’ve all grown up since high school, right? If you’ve recently found yourself wondering about the answer to this question, you may have a workplace bully on your hands—or even worse, one on your back. Dealing with mean girls and guys is one thing when you’re a young teenager; trying to hide from harassment on […]

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6 Ways to Appear More Confident

secret to confidence in job search

These simple tips will help make you seem like the king or queen of any social scene: Avoid nervous habits. Shaky legs and feet. Loosening your collar. Repeating phrases or talking too quickly. These can all make you appear uncomfortable, anxious, or like a potential serial killer. If you get nervous on job interviews, be […]

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