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Home Inspector Careers

Careers for home inspectors

Career Overview Home inspectors are also called construction inspectors. They are responsible to ensure that buildings and other infrastructures are safe including streets, sewers, and water systems. Home inspectors specifically check that the construction of residential buildings complies with the building codes, ordinances, zoning regulations, and contractor specifications of a given area and home plan. […]

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Carpenter Careers


Career Overview Carpenters create, build, install, and repair structures and fixtures made of wood and other materials. Carpenters play an intricate role in many kinds of construction from the building of homes and businesses to highways and bridges. Carpenters generally work from blueprints or instructions to figure the layout, measurements, markings, and arrangements of structures […]

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Title Examiner Careers

Careers for title examiners

Career Overview Title examiners research real estate records and examine property titles. They can also be called abstractors and real estate searchers. They also summarize important legal information from legal documents like property titles for insurance and legal purposes. They may also research and put together lists of mortgages, contracts, and other real estate documentation […]

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Surveyor Careers

Careers for surveyors

Career Overview Surveyors are also sometimes called cartographers, photogrammetrists, and surveying and mapping technicians. Surveyors map and measure the earth’s surface or geography. They establish boundaries for areas of land, air, and water. Their written descriptions become legal documents on property deeds and leases. They also help take measurements for construction areas and mining locations. […]

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