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Corrections Officer Careers

Careers for corrections officers

Corrections officers are also sometimes known as detentions officers when they work with individuals before a trial phase of conviction. A correctional officer’s main job is to oversee the facilities and populations of criminals who have been sentenced to serve time in America’s jails, reformatories, and penitentiaries. This is a high stress job since most of the individuals correctional officers must work with every day are generally dangerous. Most correctional officers work in state and local jails and prison institutions.

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Jailer Career Field


Jailers are also known as correctional officers. It is their job to maintain order within a correctional institution, jail or prison. They ensure that inmates are orderly and obey rules. They monitor daily activities, supervise inmate work assignments, do searches for contraband items, settle inmate disputes, and enforce general discipline. They may inspect facilities for […]

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