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Find Your Dream Job With Astrology


Perhaps you’re new to the job market, or maybe you’ve decided your current gig just isn’t fulfilling your life like it should.  Click here for six reasons to quit your current job.  If you’re like many people, turning to astrology, a science that predates astronomy and psychology, isn’t such a farfetched idea. Besides reading about romance […]

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Gaming Surveillance Officer Careers

Careers for gaming surveillance officers

Career Overview Gaming surveillance officers also known as surveillance agents or gaming investigators are the security staff for the casino and gambling facilities. They utilize audio and visual equipment to observe casino and gaming area activities. Any suspicious activities that might involve robbery or cheating are investigated. When illegal activities take place, surveillance information can […]

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Fish and Game Warden Careers

Career Overview Fish and game wardens are responsible to enforce hunting, fishing, boating, and other laws on public and federal lands. They are responsible to patrol areas where hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities take place. They also manage search and rescue operations on a local level when needed. They investigate accidents and complaints. When criminal […]

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Detective Careers

Careers for detectives and private investigators

Career Overview Detectives, also known as private detectives or investigators, generally work with businesses, individuals, and attorneys in obtaining important information. They put different clues and facts together regarding legal, financial, and personal situations. Private detectives can offer protection services, pre-employment verification, and background profiles and checks. They may also investigate computer crimes like identity […]

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Customs Agent Careers

Careers for customs agents

Career Overview Customs agents are responsible to enforce the laws that control the import and export of goods coming in and out of the United States. Customs agents most often inspect baggage, cargo, and things worn or carried in and out of the country on planes, buses, ships, and other forms of transportation. They are […]

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Court Reporter Careers

Careers for Court Reporters

Career Overview Court reporters are responsible to create the reports of legal proceedings, court happenings and speeches, and scripts for legal records or reported to the public. Court reporters words are recorded to provide a written report of what happens during legal court events. Their account becomes the legal record and is used to decide […]

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Corrections Officer Careers

Careers for corrections officers

Corrections officers are also sometimes known as detentions officers when they work with individuals before a trial phase of conviction. A correctional officer’s main job is to oversee the facilities and populations of criminals who have been sentenced to serve time in America’s jails, reformatories, and penitentiaries. This is a high stress job since most of the individuals correctional officers must work with every day are generally dangerous. Most correctional officers work in state and local jails and prison institutions.

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