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Interior Designer Careers

Careers for interior designers

Career Overview Interior Designers are responsible for creating and designing the interior spaces where we live and work. They deal with colors, textures, lighting, and functionality to make a space meet the needs of its occupants. They plan areas including homes, offices, shopping areas, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and even transport areas like bus terminals and […]

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Architectural Designer Career


Career Overview Architectural designers create the design and construction of structures and buildings including commercial and residential buildings. Architects must be aware of making living and working areas safe, functional, and cost effective for those who live and work in and around them. Their specific jobs responsibilities include engineering, designing, managing, and communicating with both […]

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Fashion Marketer Career Field

fashion marketer

Career Overview Fashion marketers are responsible for making people want to buy clothing. They promote and market clothing lines and styles. They develop price strategies and marketing campaigns to help maximize the profits of a particular clothing line or fashion retail chain. They may also oversee the actual development of fashion products and monitor trends […]

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Floral Designers Career Field

floral design career information

Floral designer are also called florists. Their job is to arrange flowers and other greenery that is cut, live, silk, or synthetic. Floral designers work on design displays for gifts, funerals, weddings, parties, and other important events. Educational Requirements High School Diploma or Equivalent College Certification in Floral Design or Landscape Design Floral designers need […]

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