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Your Secret Weapon in a Job Interview

how to succeed in your job interview

You’ve finished college.  Now it’s time to pound the pavement to nab a job. If your family is anything like mine was, I’m sure they’ve already mentioned the tough economic times once, twice, or maybe fifty times.  My mom tried to ease my job-search anxiety by letting me know “there are few jobs out there” and […]

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3 Tips to Get the Successful Look in the Workplace


I know, its not what your Mother taught you growing up. But the truth is, first impressions mean the world, and as “entry level candidates” we don’t have much in the way of experience for employers to evaluate our performance. Don’t think for a second they are non-judgmental; many heads of HR are more superficial than the cheerleaders from your high school days. What exactly are they evaluating you on? Your appearance, of course. Here are a few tips that go beyond the old manta of “Dress to Impress.”

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