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5 More Ways to Better Your Blog


So, you love words. You also love a particular subject, and reaching out to people on the biggest networking tool we have these days. That’s all fantastic, but how do you get people to your site? With the web bursting with new blogs every day, it’s become a very competitive world for writers. Since creating […]

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Editor Careers

careers for editors

Career Overview Editors are writers who specialize in reviewing and editing the work of other authors. They can also do their own writing. An editor’s job duties include planning content for different publications like books, magazines, journals, websites, newsletters, and other printed material. Editors may review proposed stories and article ideas. They may make comments […]

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Freelance Writer Career Field


Freelance writers are self-employed. They work on a contract and project basis for different publishing entities writing magazine articles, web based articles, and other written material. Many freelance writers are now employed writing information for internet websites. Education Requirements Bachelor’s Degree in English/Journalism/Technical Writing Freelance writers generally need at least a bachelor’s degree in English, […]

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Publisher Career Field


Publishers are responsible for overseeing the publishing of printed materials from magazines to books. The publishing industry is now publishing materials in electronic formats including on CD, on Internet websites, and for E-Readers. Publishers need excellent communication, management, and computer skills. They must often make very important decisions regarding how and when to publish different […]

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Technical Writer Career Field

technical writer

Technical writers or technical communicators put technical information into a written format that normal people can understand. They often work in the IT and manufacturing industries and help document technical information regarding products. They also assist in business communications and technical manual creation. Educational Requirements Bachelor’s Degree (4 years of College) in English, journalism, or […]

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Textbook Editor Career Field

textbook editor

Textbooks editors edit the curriculum and content that goes into textbooks for schools, the public, and college and university settings. Textbooks editors may also manage textbook writers in deciding what they will write and editors will also edit a textbook writer’s work. Textbook editors may also help write parts of the content for textbooks that […]

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Web Content Writer Career Field

web content writer

Web content writers create written content for internet web sites. Content can be articles for other companies or blogs and other websites maintained by the web content writer. Many web content writers are freelance writers, self-employed or project based. Some web content writers telecommute and do their writing from home through the internet. Educational Requirements […]

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