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Buyer Beware: 4 Reasons Why You Should Re-Think Grad School

graduate program

It probably crosses every recent grad’s mind: to go to grad school or to start the job search. Now that you’ve graduated and realized that university or college was a cozy bubble free from stressful job searching, financial responsibility and all those real-life post-grad shockers, it is easy to think that going to grad school […]

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Take This Loan to Find a Job; Find a Job to Pay for This Loan

College Graduate

A startling recent study shows that 45% of college graduates earn less than $15,000 a year, despite the fact that the rate of tuition growth is now four times the rate of wage growth. Given the United States’ unemployment rate of nearly 10%, even a job with a $15,000 salary is a relative goldmine; in […]

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Find Your Dream Job With Astrology


Perhaps you’re new to the job market, or maybe you’ve decided your current gig just isn’t fulfilling your life like it should.  Click here for six reasons to quit your current job.  If you’re like many people, turning to astrology, a science that predates astronomy and psychology, isn’t such a farfetched idea. Besides reading about romance […]

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ESL Teacher Careers

Careers for ESL teachers

Career Overview ESL teachers are also known as ESOL teachers, English as a second language teachers or English language learners teachers. ESL teachers are responsible to assist people learning how to speak, read, and write in English. For those wanting to work in public schools with children in grades K-12, a state teaching license and […]

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Daycare Director Careers

Careers for daycare directors

Career Overview Daycare center directors manage and supervise daycare centers or preschool programs. These educational centers are generally much smaller than an elementary school and deal with much younger children. A daycare center director’s job responsibilities include overseeing daily center activities, hiring and supervising staff, assisting with budgeting and accounting needs of the daycare or […]

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Child Psychologist Career Field

child psychologist

Career Overview Child psychologists are clinical psychologists who have specialized in child psychology. Clinical psychologists work with patients, children, using interviews and diagnostic testing in their own practices. They can also provide family, group, and individual psychotherapy to help design and implement behavior medication programs for children. They can work in hospitals, universities, medical schools, […]

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Child Guidance Counselor Career Field

child guidance counselor

Career Overview Child guidance counselors provide assistance to students at all levels of education from elementary school to postsecondary schooling. Generally, child guidance counselors are more prone to be found working in the elementary school level, grades kindergarten through sixth grade in the traditional public school systems of the United States. Guidance counselors are also […]

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