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Putting Your Dreams on Hold: An Interview with Rose Kleinberg


Rose Kleinberg was not your typical child. When other little girls and boys dreamed of becoming mothers or firefighters, Rose found herself getting lost in different kinds of daydreams. A Groundhog’s Day baby who was born last in a lively five-child household, young Rose often fantasized about living with a fictional family where she could […]

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5 Creative Ways to Add Interest to Your Resume


Now that you’ve graduated from college, it’s time to land a job that actually pays well enough for you to get a nice apartment without having to rely on six roommates to make the rent. This may seem somewhat of a challenge—because to get a job you need job experience, but in order to get […]

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10 Questions to Avoid in an Interview


  Now that you know the ten winning questions to ask on an interview, let’s discuss the ones you should avoid altogether. In short, it’s best to stay away from “me” questions. An interview is your opportunity to learn more about the position at hand; it’s not the right time to make demands or requests. After all, you […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer


You received a job offer! All that hard work and networking finally paid off. Good for you! So what happens next? Well, you accept the offer, right? Depends… WHAT do you mean, “depends?” After all, a job’s a job. How can anyone turn down ANY position in this economy? True, the high unemployment rate makes […]

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10 Questions to Ask in an Interview

interview questions

The date is set, the nerves are setting in, and, surprisingly, you aren’t about to get married. Congratulations! You’ve probably scored a job interview. Anyone who’s received the call or email request for an in-person, or over the phone, meeting knows the excitement and anxiety associated with preparing for it. You want to make a […]

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6 Reasons To Quit Your Current Job


People may say you’re lucky to be employed in these tough economic times, but perhaps they just don’t know what you’re going through. Here are six reasons to hit the ground running and never look back: Your company is going down. Have you nervously increased your work capacity at the threat of being let go? […]

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5 Job Fair Considerations

Career Fair

Job fairs are a great way to find work. In fact, some companies hire only through job fairs. So if you have your heart set on working for a particular organization, it would be smart to find out exactly how any company in which you’re interested hires its employees. But are all job fairs created […]

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5 Topics an Interviewer Can’t Touch


On a job interview you always want to present yourself in the best possible light, and that usually means being as cooperative and pleasant as possible. So what do you do if your interviewer starts asking questions that make you uncomfortable or that you don’t want to answer? You don’t want to blow your chances […]

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8 Resume Myths Debunked


When you set out to find a new job the first task at hand is to update the dreaded resume. I say dreaded because most people have no idea what to put on a resume; they either include every personal detail about themselves or so little information you’d think they were part of the witness […]

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8 Things Unemployed People Can Do That Look Good on a Resume


Being unemployed can take a huge toll on your self-esteem. This makes it difficult for you to take pride in your resume when you are asked to explain it at a job interview. However, there are actions that you can take during unemployment that will build your self-confidence and will also look great on a […]

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