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Mechanical Engineer Careers

Careers for mechanical engineers

Career Overview Mechanical engineers research, create, manufacture, and test mechanical devices. Mechanical engineering involves one of the broadest engineering spectrums there is. Mechanical engineers work on power-producing machines, power-using machines and design tools that make these machines run. Mechanical engineers work in a huge array in industries, because their engineering skills are needed by so […]

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Automotive Service Technician Career Field

automotive technician career information

Career Overview Automotive service technicians are also known as automotive mechanics. They are responsible to repair, maintain, and check/inspect  automotive vehicles that run on electricity, alternative fuels, and gasoline. Automotive service technicians perform routine maintenance to vehicles including oil changes, tire rotations, and spark plug changes. They also repair more complicated problems like issues with […]

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Civil Engineer Career Field

civil engineer career information

Career Overview Civil Engineers are responsible for designing and managing the building of infrastructure projects like roads, buildings, airports, neighborhood developments, damns, bridges, water supply systems, and also sewage systems. Many factors must be considered during design work of complicated structures and infrastructure systems like costs, expected lifetime of structure, government regulations, environmental impacts, environmental […]

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Surveyor Careers

Careers for surveyors

Career Overview Surveyors are also sometimes called cartographers, photogrammetrists, and surveying and mapping technicians. Surveyors map and measure the earth’s surface or geography. They establish boundaries for areas of land, air, and water. Their written descriptions become legal documents on property deeds and leases. They also help take measurements for construction areas and mining locations. […]

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Urban Planner Careers

Careers for urban planners

Career Overview Urban planners, also known as regional planners, are responsible for creating plans for the growth, use, and revitalization of land in communities including urban, suburban, and rural areas. They are mostly employed by affluent and large communities. They assist local governments deal with infrastructure, growth, zoning, community, and land issues. They can also […]

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Radio Engineer Career Field

radio engineer

Radio engineers can also be called radio operators or radio technicians. They utilize communications and radio equipment to receive and transmit information for radio services. They also repair equipment and ensure it’s in proper working order before radio show are broadcast or created. Educational Requirements and Licensing Requirements High School Diploma Associate’s Degree in Broadcast […]

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