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Executive Assistant Careers

careers for executive assistants

Career Overview Executive assistants are one of the most important employees in any office. They are responsible for running and organizing the activities of business owners and executives. They are also sometimes called executive secretaries. Executive assistants provide support for top level managers and executives in businesses. They usually do fewer clerical activities than normal […]

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Career Field

Career Overview Chief financial officers (CFO’s) are top executives responsible for the financial planning, strategies, and reporting that make a company successful. This is an area where many companies, especially large companies, have come under deep scrutiny in the last few years as many companies had unethical financial reporting practices. The financial reporting that CFO’s […]

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Chief Executive Officer Career


Career Overview Chief executive officers (CEO’s) are top executive responsible for the strategies and policies that help a company or organization to be successful. Chief executive officers go by many titles like chief operating officer, general manager, president, vice president, county administrator, or even mayor in government sector positions. They are responsible for all the […]

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