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5 Challenges Passion-Seekers Must Face

Challenges for Passion Seekers

There’s a myth circulating that we all must have an innate, burning passion inside of us and we’re bound to discover it if we haven’t already. It’s true that some people have a clear passion from childhood, but most of us need to put in the effort and actively go in search of our passions. […]

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How I Found My Passion and How You Can Find Yours

Finding Your Passion

This is what I thought as I passed through all those years of organized education: “People always tell me that I should love what I do, but I have no idea what I love to do!” Now, I’m living in the Central Andes of Peru, working from home in my pajamas or similarly cozy apparel, […]

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5 Lazy College-Student Diseases to Avoid


Forget about the bird flu and bed bugs. There’s a serious epidemic afflicting college students, and it’s been a problem for years. I recently graduated with a four-year degree from Emerson College. Go me, and go you, if you’re a recent grad or current senior! When I landed back home in New Jersey, it felt […]

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8 Part-Time or Summer Jobs for Extra Cash

Working with Children

Let’s face it. Tuition is more expensive these days and we can barely get by without facing tons of debt. Ease the pain a little bit with these part-time, work-at-home and summer options. You may even find a secret niche or develop a valuable skill for the future. Earn extra income by trying one of […]

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5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Freelance Writer, and You Will Too!


As a child, I loved writing and drawing. I even authored a collection of unpublished short-stories before the age of ten. However, I turned to more “normal” jobs as I got older. Writing always sounded like a dream people had, but one they never got to fulfill. During my late teens and early twenties, I spent […]

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8 Steps to Use Informational Interviews in Your Job Search

Informational Interview

Now that you’re convinced that an informational interview will be useful for you, make sure you present yourself appropriately and get the best out of the interview you conduct. Here are eight steps you should follow to optimally use informational interviews in your job search: Find Appropriate People to Interview Access your network and start […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Do Informational Interviews

Informational Interview

An informational interview is an excuse for you to connect with important people in your potential field. Most people are more than willing to give you a bit of their time if you’re prepared and eager to learn. During the half-hour to hour-long conversation, you’ll glean insider’s tips on your field and gather suggestions for […]

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How to Find a Job Quickly and Easily with iGoogle

iGoogle Dashboard

Ever been frustrated having to search for jobs at different websites? Now, you can have all your favorite job listings show up in one place, customized for your needs on an iGoogle dashboard. With your personalized jobs dashboard, you can quickly and easily skim through all job listings that are relevant to you. Login to […]

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5 Steps to Use Twitter in Your Job Search


As a powerful communication and networking tool, Twitter can be an important part of your job search strategy. Not only can you use Twitter as a venue to advertise your abilities and spread the word that you’re a job seeker, but you can also use Twitter to attract, actively search for and connect with recruiters […]

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10 Questions to Avoid in an Interview


  Now that you know the ten winning questions to ask on an interview, let’s discuss the ones you should avoid altogether. In short, it’s best to stay away from “me” questions. An interview is your opportunity to learn more about the position at hand; it’s not the right time to make demands or requests. After all, you […]

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