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Life as a Work in Progress: An Interview with Lucy Patterson

Lucy Patterson Indonesia

“Life is a work in progress. Explore. Excite. Experience.” — Lucy Patterson 2011 has been a year of change for Lucy Patterson. Both she and her partner were “made redundant” and left “everything and everyone they knew and love behind” to move across the UK to a quaint village in the countryside of Southern England […]

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5 Challenges Passion-Seekers Must Face

Challenges for Passion Seekers

There’s a myth circulating that we all must have an innate, burning passion inside of us and we’re bound to discover it if we haven’t already. It’s true that some people have a clear passion from childhood, but most of us need to put in the effort and actively go in search of our passions. […]

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How I Found My Passion and How You Can Find Yours

Finding Your Passion

This is what I thought as I passed through all those years of organized education: “People always tell me that I should love what I do, but I have no idea what I love to do!” Now, I’m living in the Central Andes of Peru, working from home in my pajamas or similarly cozy apparel, […]

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