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The Bang-Ups and Hang-Ups Are Necessary: An Interview with Dayle Fraschilla

Dayle Fraschilla Writer

“The music pulsates as my pen glides across the page / Feeding to my one true escape.” — Dayle Fraschilla Dayle Fraschilla, 32, has two messages to share through her story: “it’s never too late to work hard for what you want in life” and “don’t let the naysayers squash your dreams.” Only a year […]

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4 Freelancing Tips of the Trade from Sherry Zander


Sherry Zander has been freelance writing for six years and has picked up writing projects paying as little as $10 to as much as $2000! She has seen the market go up and down, and has written everything from articles on business and finance to real estate and local news. Hard work and persistence have […]

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The Value of Hard Work: An Interview with Sherry Zander


“I thought I would never be more than a waitress.” An inspirational life story unravels from those very words. Sherry is a professional writer who has beaten the odds with persistence and hard work. After reaching a more-than-comfortable level of prosperity, she was laid off, only to let life reveal a real passion. Visit her […]

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5 More Ways to Better Your Blog


So, you love words. You also love a particular subject, and reaching out to people on the biggest networking tool we have these days. That’s all fantastic, but how do you get people to your site? With the web bursting with new blogs every day, it’s become a very competitive world for writers. Since creating […]

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5 Simple Ways to Market Your Blog


To my fellow writers, I’m so happy you found this post. As a blogger for a few years now, I feel it is my duty to share whatever kernels of knowledge I’ve uncovered—no matter how small they are. I’ve taken many courses in writing, a few in publishing, and plenty in editing. I’ve written for […]

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5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Freelance Writer, and You Will Too!


As a child, I loved writing and drawing. I even authored a collection of unpublished short-stories before the age of ten. However, I turned to more “normal” jobs as I got older. Writing always sounded like a dream people had, but one they never got to fulfill. During my late teens and early twenties, I spent […]

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5 Steps to Break into Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

Remember that dream you’ve always had to make money working at home in your pajamas? You can make it come true by starting a freelance writing career. It’s the perfect option for stay-at-home-moms, as a side income for students and even to help fund your travels around the world. Follow these five steps to help […]

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