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Looking at Your Past and Future: 2 Exercises to Put You on the Right Path


It’s good to be a dreamer. Just sitting back and letting your imagination wander is great for taking a mental break, but what if you could direct your daydreams in a productive way? What if you could use your abilities of wishful thinking to achieve your goals and recognize your soul’s purpose and desires? Imagining […]

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Get Interested: Working “Likes” Into the Job

royalty free

Turning social contacts into business is certainly possible, but what about turning social interests into business? I <3 My Job I once worked for a mobile gaming company as a quality assurance analyst, which means I literally sat around for 40 hours a week testing cell phone games and submitting bug reports. Short of being […]

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Setting Career Objectives That Get You to Where You Want to Be


I’ve always thought it was ridiculous that people are expected to pick lifelong professions before the age of 22. But when you go to college, at some point before you graduate you’re expected to choose a major. And hopefully that major will put you on the path to a long-term career that you find fulfilling […]

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