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4 Best Google Chrome Apps for Organizing Your Life

File Cabinets

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers out there, according to the latest CNET review. Its minimalist design makes it intuitive and easy to use, especially with an organized and sleek start-up page that holds your apps and extensions, most visited pages and recently closed tabs. For more functionality, spice things up by visiting […]

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3 Best Google Chrome Apps for Successful Social Networking

Online Networking

Google Chrome calls their Chrome Web Store an “online marketplace.” There you’ll find literally thousands of apps and extensions organized into ten different categories from paid and free versions of educational and family-related apps and extensions to news and shopping. Within the library, there are over 600 listed in the “Social and Communication” category. You […]

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3 Best Google Chrome Apps for Productivity


Introduced to the scene in late 2010, Google Chrome apps give more functionality to your browser and are more interactive than websites, but less burdensome than desktop applications. Using apps can allow better connectivity with other apps or programs, and easier accessibility between computers with the same browser. Consider them tools that can make your […]

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Googling for the Efficient Job Hunter

finding a job on google

Searching for a job has evolved beyond circling ads in the “Help Wanted” section of the morning paper; even driving around town looking for “Now Hiring” signs is an anachronism in these gas-conscious techno-communicative times. Era-savvy job hunters know the benefits of searching the internet for available positions, but how does one wade through the […]

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