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How Creative Aspirations Led Dee Cotter to a Life of Fulfilling Work


 “I feel like my work history reads more like a rap sheet!” Dee Cotter, a twenty-eight year old native New Jerseyite admits. “Basically, nothing turned out as I expected it would, as a child.” In this economy, it can be said that one is lucky to have a job. Dee is a relatively young entrepreneur […]

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Freelance Designer Career Field

freelance designer

Freelance designers are generally graphic artists who design webpages on a freelance basis, which means per project or per contract basis. Freelance designers are self-employed and often work over the internet or telecommute. Education Requirements Associate Degree in Web Page Design Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design/Technical Writing Freelance web designers need excellent web design skills. […]

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Digital Graphic Artist Career Field

digital graphic designer

Career Overview Digital graphic artists are also sometimes called graphic artists or graphic designers. They plan and create digital graphic solutions for print ads and electronic media forms like the internet. Their work can involve artistic elements including color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and different print and layout design. Some graphic designers create overall print […]

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Graphic Artist Career

Graphic Designer

Career Overview Graphic artists or graphic designers create communications and messages for electronic and print media through the use of color, illustration, photography, animation, and graphic affects. Graphic designers can be responsible for the overall design and layout of print publications like brochures and magazines. They can also produce displays, packaging, marketing brochures, business logos, […]

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Multimedia Specialist Career Field

multimedia specialist

A multimedia specialist is a multimedia and technology mixer. They put together multimedia packages for businesses like video advertisements and web page presentations. They combine sounds clips, photography, videos, and animation to create multimedia packages both for teaching and advertising different products and services. The two top industries utilizing multimedia specialists the most right now are […]

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Web Designer Careers

careers for web designer

Career Overview Web designers can also be called web developers. They create and maintain websites utilizing different web creation tools and software languages. Web developers identify the website needs of users and create the site based on those needs. Web developers can work for specific companies, multiple companies, or as a consultant. They must constantly […]

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