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5 Reasons to Take Continuing Education Classes


When I graduated from college, I had a list of classes I hadn’t been able to take while I was away from home. Whether the classes were full when I tried to register, or they didn’t fulfill a specific requirement, I had become intrigued by a variety of offerings I was unable to receive. Rather […]

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Beyond The Black and White: Generation Y Resume Options

Brandon Kleinman Mashable Resume

No longer is the standard one or two page black and white resume the only option. Generation Y grads have grown up on the computer and they know how to do more than print a Word document. A few of the other Yellow Brick Road bloggers have written about modern resume options over the past […]

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The Best Ways for College Students to Spend Summer Vacation

woman enjoying herself on a tropical beach in the bahamas

Summer is almost here, and that means surf, sun, tan lines, and time away from standard semesters. During the next few months, you have lots of options to choose from to make the most out of your break. Enjoying the moment by reconnecting with friends and family—or rekindling an old flame—are all perfectly acceptable ways […]

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5 Things Hiring Managers Are Looking for on Resumes

Hiring Manager

There are a lot of tips out there for how to make your resume look great. However, they don’t all apply to the specific things that hiring managers are currently looking for. The 2011 job market is an interesting one. It is unique from past years in that hiring managers are dealing with applicants who […]

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Cover Letter Makeovers


No matter how stellar your resume, it’s your cover letter that can make or break your chance at an interview. All it takes is an antiquated “To Whom It May Concern” to get your reader’s mouse migrating towards the “delete” button. A lot of rules concerning cover letters have changed, mainly because of e-mail: In an e-mail cover letter, all that you have going for you is succinct, compelling, scannable content. Understand that fancy headers, heavy cream cardstock, and strawberry-scented stationery won’t save you. The following mini-makeovers of common mistakes, however, will.

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How To Upgrade Your Resume

improve resume

Practically all entry level job seekers would snicker (at the very least) if their new employer handed them a 3.5 inch floppy disk. A similar comical reaction would occur if the companies website was hosted by GeoCities, or inner-office communication rode on the back of AOL Instant Messenger. Technology in the work force is changing rapidly, but one antique entity still seems to be deeply entrenched in the corporate mindset; the traditional paper resume. Here are some ways to upgrade to Resume 2.0

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