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The Sick System: Finding Health Coverage


Health coverage is an important factor to consider during the job hunt, particularly for new graduates approaching the age threshold in the United States; until age 26, young adults are able to be covered under a parent’s health insurance. 2014 brings with it more options for the individual who may not have the opportunity for […]

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Whose Job is it to Discover Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Fraud

It doesn’t matter what area of life we’re talking about-most people are good and honest, but a few are out to get something for nothing.  Insurance companies deal with this reality every day.  It’s their job to review and then pay the legitimate claims of their customers, but that means they have to do their […]

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Top 10 Careers in the Health Field

health field careers

Whether or not Obamacare is implemented or repealed, as long as people have bodies, they will need medical care for them. It is true that the medical field is changing, like everything else, but the basics can’t change. People will pay what they can to feel better. Here are 10 careers in the medical field that are guaranteed to provide jobs long into the future.

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Claim Adjuster Career Field

claims adjuster

Career Overview Claim adjusters or adjustors work with businesses and individuals when they must file an insurance claim through a policy that the business or individual owns when they experience a loss or damage to property. Claim adjusters are responsible to schedule and process the claim. They can assist with claims filed after an automobile […]

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Insurance Underwriter Career Field

insurance underwriter

Insurance underwriters work for insurance companies in determining if customers are eligible for certain types of insurance and under what terms. They identify how much insurable risk a client is, establish who receives a policy, decide the appropriate premiums for clients, and writes the insurance policy. Without good underwriters, insurance companies can lose business or […]

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