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5 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Any Interview Requests


Before I finished my recent temp job, I asked another temp employee how her job search was going. Her response, “No one is hiring right now. What can you do?” She had a degree in economics from a highly ranked Canadian university. It always boggles my mind when I talk to a twentysomething who still […]

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Can The New LinkedIn “Apply” App Help You Find a Career?


According to GigaOM’s exclusive scoop on June 1 LinkedIn is launching a job application tool later this month called “Apply with LinkedIn”. This app will allow job seekers to apply for a job using the work history they’ve accumulated about themselves on LinkedIn in place of a traditional resume. This is a bit of a […]

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5 Ways to Impress in a Job Interview

5 tips to impressing your interviewer

The job market is tough right now. How can you stand out from the sea of other people who are applying for the same job that you’re applying for? Here are five tips that should help you out at your next job interview:

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