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Energy Auditor Careers

Careers for energy auditors

Career Overview Energy auditors perform energy audits on buildings and systems that allow buildings to stay cool, heated, and electrified. Energy auditors are also sometimes called energy raters, energy consultants, home performance consultants, building performance consultants, or home energy raters. Energy auditors are part of a new and growing trend of green careers becoming part […]

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Electrician Career Field

Careers for electricians

Career Overview Electricians are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the electrical systems that give our homes and businesses electrical power. They install, fix, and maintain the wiring and equipment that electricity flows through. This can also include machinery in homes and businesses. Over 79 percent of electricians are employed in the construction industry […]

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Electrical Engineer Career Field

Careers for electrical engineers

Career Overview Electrical engineers are responsible to design, test, and supervise the production of electronic equipment. This equipment can include electric motors, electric machinery, electric lighting, electrical wiring, radar and navigation systems, power generation equipment, and transmission devices. Electrical engineers can also create systems for motorized vehicles and airplanes. Electrical engineers specialize in power systems […]

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Computer System Analyst Careers

Careers for computer-systems-analysts

Career Overview Computer system analysts design and develop new computer systems for different industries and companies. They do this by selecting hardware and software that will help achieve business goals. Many analysts will work with specific types of computer systems, like business accounting systems, financial systems, engineering systems, etc. Some analysts are called system architects […]

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Support Service Technicians

Careers for support service technicians

Career Overview Support service technicians are also known as computer support technicians, technical support specialists, or help desk technicians. Individuals in this field are responsible to provide support to companies and users who utilize computer software and computer systems. Support service technicians can work within a company to respond to computer software and hardware issues […]

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Software Developer Careers

careers for software developers

Career Overview Software developers or computer software engineers create and design computer software. Computer software contains the language that allows computers to run programs. Software engineers utilize code, theories, and principles of computer science to design, test, and critique and improve software programs according to the needs of users. Software developers must always learn new […]

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