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Network Architect Career Field

network architect

Network architects design and create computer networks. They set-up the actual hardware for computer networks and then test and evaluate the networks to be sure they are working correctly. The networks that network architects are involved in include local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), the internet, intranets, and other data communication systems. Network […]

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Health Information Consultant

health care IT_Consultant

Career Overview Health information consultants are also known as health care information consultants. They act as liaisons with the technology world and the health care industry.  This is a growing and changing career field. Health information consultants help health organizations like medical clinics and hospitals to have the most accurate and up to date record […]

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IT Specialist Career Field

information technology specialist

Information technology specialists are the computer specialists of the businesses they work for. They work in a large variety of areas like web design, site administration, and network and systems administration, advising users on breakdowns, fixing software problems, researching the web for various companies and individuals, and maintaining sites for companies and individuals. Educational Requirements […]

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Web Designer Careers

careers for web designer

Career Overview Web designers can also be called web developers. They create and maintain websites utilizing different web creation tools and software languages. Web developers identify the website needs of users and create the site based on those needs. Web developers can work for specific companies, multiple companies, or as a consultant. They must constantly […]

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