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3 Books That Can Help Get Recent College Graduates Hired

If you recently graduated from college (or are just about to) first and foremost on your mind is getting a real job (as opposed to that stint you did selling shoes at Famous Footwear your senior year just to make ends meet). As you’ve probably already surmised launching your career at age 22 is not […]

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How to Remain Confident While Looking for a Job

If you happen to fall in that unfortunate demographic of being unemployed during this economic slump it can be hard to keep your spirits up as you look for a job. Oh sure, people tell you to “buck up,” “be positive,” “put a smile on your face,” blah, blah, blah. Although all that is good […]

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How Keeping a Journal Can Help You Get a Job

Chances are when you were in college you probably did a lot of writing, no matter what your major was. Whether you like the process of writing or not, it is definitely one of those skills you need in order to advance your career. Now with the Internet, e-mail, websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and […]

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50 Questions You Should Ask in an Informational Interview


Informational interviews are a strategic way to gain an insider’s point of view on a certain career and to also build relationships in the field, especially if you’re thinking of switching careers. Prepare for your interview by researching the background of your interviewee and his or her business or organization. The most effective questions are […]

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Is Happiness Tied to Your Job?

According to a new study coming out in the publication Psychological Science happiness among middle and lower income people is down, while those in the higher income brackets are just about as happy as (but not any happier than) they were 20 years ago. Makes sense, right? I mean, who wouldn’t be happy sitting on […]

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Creative Ways to Get Your First Job Out of College: Part 2

In Part 2 of my series on successful people who found jobs right out of college using unconventional means, I focus on the chance meeting. Too often we put too much energy into trying to meet “the right people” in terms of getting a job, when in reality it’s the everyday people we encounter in […]

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Can Today’s College Graduates Survive a Sick Economy?

For the first time since post WW-II the trajectory of the college graduate is an uncharted course. It used to be (as recently as five years ago) that anyone who went to college could expect some sort of well-paying, career-oriented job upon graduation. But now things are different. Today’s precarious world economy puts careers (especially […]

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Can A Master’s Degree Get You a Job Right Now?

After college graduation you really only have three choices: get a job, go to graduate school, or do both. With the economy being what it is many grads are choosing graduate school, the reason being A) Finding a job is nearly impossible given the high unemployment rate, and B) Most professional jobs include the discouraging […]

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Tips on How to Live Green (and Save Money) While Looking for a Job

If you’ve just graduated from college and are scouring the city for your first real job, chances are money is tight right now. Job-hunting can be costly, not just from lack of income but also due to things like buying a business wardrobe, dry cleaning, incurring extra transportation costs (to get to interviews), resume services, […]

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4 Ways to Financially Survive Your First Year After Graduation

Nothing beats turning in that last term paper or taking that last test in the last class of your college career. At that point all you have to do is pass, and by this time you should be pretty good at writing papers and taking tests, so chances are you’re in sliding into home base […]

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