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How to Relax While Job Hunting

The irony of looking for work is that if you knew when you were going to get hired you could actually enjoy your time off! But because job hunting can weigh heavily on your psyche, you need to set aside some time once in a while to give your anxiety a rest. No matter how […]

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The Reverse Job Application Debate: Arrogance or Creativity?

Andrew Horner

Feeling disheartened after a string of rejections as you apply for jobs? Andrew Horner found that tons of people could personally relate to his two-year unsuccessful job search after graduation and we might be able to learn a thing or two from his solution. Figuring that the current system of “going to the employer” wasn’t […]

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5 Lazy College-Student Diseases to Avoid


Forget about the bird flu and bed bugs. There’s a serious epidemic afflicting college students, and it’s been a problem for years. I recently graduated with a four-year degree from Emerson College. Go me, and go you, if you’re a recent grad or current senior! When I landed back home in New Jersey, it felt […]

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5 Tips for Delivering a Captivating Pitch

Elevator Pitch

You’ve crafted the perfect elevator pitch, but what do you do when it comes time to actually present it to someone who could make a real difference in your job search? How do you react when this person asks you, “What do you do?” Your elevator pitch is a perfect conversation starter, but it’s not […]

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6 Tips for Crafting a Winning Elevator Pitch


A networking situation can happen anytime and anywhere with anyone. Your elevator pitch can come in handy whether you present it to a recruiter at a networking event or your friend’s neighbor at the local supermarket. It’s how you get your foot in the door of the hidden job market and it can even be […]

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4 Ways to Access the Hidden Job Market


What’s the Hidden Job Market All About? Tired of being rejected time and time again? Feel like you’ve wasted time responding to a hundred job ads? In a way, you have wasted your time! Job ads are by far the minority when it comes to job opportunities. Where you really need to be focusing your […]

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5 Job Fair Considerations

Career Fair

Job fairs are a great way to find work. In fact, some companies hire only through job fairs. So if you have your heart set on working for a particular organization, it would be smart to find out exactly how any company in which you’re interested hires its employees. But are all job fairs created […]

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10 Resume Dos and Don’ts


You know the drill: keep your resume to one page, use a clean font, and write plenty of action verbs. But beyond that, how do you know that your resume isn’t getting tossed in the trash? Now that e-mailed resumes have become the norm, employers are flooded with applications and scan at a pace quicker than ever before. Dust off that document and follow these rules to make yours shine.

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