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“Even the Worst Experience is Worth It”: An Interview with Lisa Romanski


“I graduated college as an enthusiastic and optimistic young educator, ready to make an impact on kids’ lives,” recalls 25-year old Art Teacher, Lisa Romanski. “That entire summer I applied to job after job and went on a few interviews, which lead to nowhere.” With the guidance of a friend, Lisa had previously enrolled at […]

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Creative Ways to Get Your First Job Out of College: Part 2

In Part 2 of my series on successful people who found jobs right out of college using unconventional means, I focus on the chance meeting. Too often we put too much energy into trying to meet “the right people” in terms of getting a job, when in reality it’s the everyday people we encounter in […]

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Creative Ways to Get Your First Job Out of College: Part 1

With the news this week of Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S.’s financial rating, the trickle down is not going to be pretty. But that doesn’t mean jobs for new graduates are not available, it just means graduates are going to have to be smart about finding them. As I’ve said before, the days […]

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4 Tips on How to Become a Resident Advisor


Perhaps you’re looking for a job on campus or maybe you’ve been admiring the work your friends have been doing. Whatever the reason, if you’re interested in becoming a resident advisor at your college, this is the information you need to get the job. If you just happened to stumble upon this post, check out […]

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10 Questions to Ask in an Interview

interview questions

The date is set, the nerves are setting in, and, surprisingly, you aren’t about to get married. Congratulations! You’ve probably scored a job interview. Anyone who’s received the call or email request for an in-person, or over the phone, meeting knows the excitement and anxiety associated with preparing for it. You want to make a […]

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Your Secret Weapon in a Job Interview

how to succeed in your job interview

You’ve finished college.  Now it’s time to pound the pavement to nab a job. If your family is anything like mine was, I’m sure they’ve already mentioned the tough economic times once, twice, or maybe fifty times.  My mom tried to ease my job-search anxiety by letting me know “there are few jobs out there” and […]

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Easy Answers to Tough Interview Questions


If you were invited for an interview, you’ve conquered half the battle; the recruiter already thinks you can do the job based on your resume. The next half, though, is about proving them right. Things like body language or your outfit play a part, but only a supporting role to what really gets the spotlight: how you answer those tough questions. Here are some tips on how to deliver.

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5 Ways to Impress in a Job Interview

5 tips to impressing your interviewer

The job market is tough right now. How can you stand out from the sea of other people who are applying for the same job that you’re applying for? Here are five tips that should help you out at your next job interview:

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