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Setting Career Objectives That Get You to Where You Want to Be


I’ve always thought it was ridiculous that people are expected to pick lifelong professions before the age of 22. But when you go to college, at some point before you graduate you’re expected to choose a major. And hopefully that major will put you on the path to a long-term career that you find fulfilling […]

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6 Ways to Handle a Workplace Bully


We’ve all grown up since high school, right? If you’ve recently found yourself wondering about the answer to this question, you may have a workplace bully on your hands—or even worse, one on your back. Dealing with mean girls and guys is one thing when you’re a young teenager; trying to hide from harassment on […]

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Your Secret Weapon in a Job Interview

how to succeed in your job interview

You’ve finished college.  Now it’s time to pound the pavement to nab a job. If your family is anything like mine was, I’m sure they’ve already mentioned the tough economic times once, twice, or maybe fifty times.  My mom tried to ease my job-search anxiety by letting me know “there are few jobs out there” and […]

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5 Job Fair Considerations

Career Fair

Job fairs are a great way to find work. In fact, some companies hire only through job fairs. So if you have your heart set on working for a particular organization, it would be smart to find out exactly how any company in which you’re interested hires its employees. But are all job fairs created […]

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Whose Job is it to Discover Insurance Fraud?

Insurance Fraud

It doesn’t matter what area of life we’re talking about-most people are good and honest, but a few are out to get something for nothing.  Insurance companies deal with this reality every day.  It’s their job to review and then pay the legitimate claims of their customers, but that means they have to do their […]

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