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How to Bounce Back from a Career Change: An Interview with Kate Donahue


“When I was young, I thought I would go to college and get a great paying job that I enjoyed and work there the rest of my life,” remembers Kate Donahue. “In one week, I will be twenty-five and still have not earned my Bachelor’s Degree, let alone a great paying job that would get […]

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4 Things I Learned Working in Alternative Medicine


I’ll be the first to admit it; I’m more than a little granola. I know that might sound surprising coming from a Jersey girl and all, but it’s true. Sure, I can rock a hair pouf like it’s nobody’s business, but when it comes to health and wellness; I’m that girl, too. However, I wasn’t […]

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Top 10 Careers in the Health Field

health field careers

Whether or not Obamacare is implemented or repealed, as long as people have bodies, they will need medical care for them. It is true that the medical field is changing, like everything else, but the basics can’t change. People will pay what they can to feel better. Here are 10 careers in the medical field that are guaranteed to provide jobs long into the future.

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