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Magazine Internships: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Magazine internship

When I interned for a magazine and people asked me if my position was just like Lauren Conrad’s Teen Vogue internship, I laughed it off. Gorgeous clothes, exciting events, crazy guest lists and trendy offices are fairy tale intern experiences that only exist on The Hills and The Devil Wears Prada. On second thought, my […]

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Media Specialist Careers

Careers for media specialists

Career Overview Media specialists are also referred to as communications specialists and public relations specialists. It’s a media specialist’s job to act as an advocate for a company to other organizations and the public. They help businesses and other groups build their reputation with the public and other entities. Media specialists can work for businesses, […]

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Journalist Careers

Careers for journalists

Career Overview Journalists are also known as news analysts, reporters, or correspondents. Their job involves finding information regarding important stories, issues and events, then creating broadcasts and publications regarding that information. Journalists can report on information and issues on a local, state, national, and international scale. The information presented by journalists is critical in shaping […]

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Animation Careers

careers for animators

Career Overview Animators can also be referred to as multi-media artists or digital animators. They work in the film, video, and advertising industry. They utilize both hand drawn pictures and computer tools to create forms of animated images that can move on movie screens, televisions, and computer monitors. They can develop entire advertisements, films, and […]

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Sound Engineer Careers

Careers for sound engineers

Career Overview Sounds engineers or sound engineer technicians set-up and maintain the equipment used in radio and television broadcasts. Sound engineers are specifically responsible for running the machines that record, synchronize, mix, and reproduce sounds, including voices, music, and sound effects. They often create sounds effects used in sound studios, sports arenas, theatrical productions, and […]

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