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Top 10 Careers in the Health Field

health field careers

Whether or not Obamacare is implemented or repealed, as long as people have bodies, they will need medical care for them. It is true that the medical field is changing, like everything else, but the basics can’t change. People will pay what they can to feel better. Here are 10 careers in the medical field that are guaranteed to provide jobs long into the future.

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Health Insurance Administrator

health insurance administrator

Career Overview Health insurance administrators are often also medical secretaries in a private physician’s offices. They may also be intake counselors at large medical facilities. Their job is to ensure that patient information regarding their medical insurance is correct. They may also be responsible to counsel patients on their medical insurance information and assist them […]

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Health Information Manager

Health Information Manager

Career Overview Health Information Managers are technology professionals responsible for collecting, analyzing, reporting, securing, and protecting medical information in a digital form. Digital medical record information is becoming the standard in the United States. Health information managers work to create, maintain, fix, and upgrade the computer databases and systems used to keep all this digital […]

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Health Information Database Creators Careers

health database creator

Career Overview Health information database creators create and work with health information database software to store, analyze, and report health information. This information can include medical records, administrative information, and also financial health information. Health information database creators identify specific health information needs and create new computer databases around these requirements or update old systems. […]

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Veterinarian Careers

Careers for veterinarians

Career Overview Veterinarians provide medical treatment and diagnosis for animals. Seventy-seven percent of veterinarians treat pets in private practices. However, veterinarians can also treat animals in farms, zoos, racetracks, and laboratories. Some veterinarians also do research on animal illnesses and illnesses carried from animals to human. Veterinarians vaccinate and medicate animals and advise owners on […]

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