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The Smart Cookies and Financial Freedom Through a Money Group

Money Group

Managing your money well is essential to career success. Stellar money management skills can mean a better quality of life, the ability to relocate for a job, investing and entrepreneurial opportunities — you name it! I’m proud to introduce you to Robyn, Katie, Andrea, Angela and Sandra, hailing from my hometown of Vancouver, Canada, who […]

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6 Free Online Money Management Tools


Managing your money is all about keeping organized and what better way to do so than an online software designed for your needs and accessible anywhere there’s Internet. Money is the leading cause of stress for Americans, so it’s worthwhile to build good money habits early. Make sure you’re not spending more than your income […]

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8 Lifestyle Changes that Can Save a Starving Student


Summer is a great time to rebuild your bank account. Regardless if you’re a fulltime student nine months out of the year or you work part time year round, the summer months are when students reload their “money guns” to help support their annual education budget. But is it enough to just stock up on […]

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10 Ways To Save Money in College


There’s one thing I know I could have done better while away at school—save money. During the months I spent away from home, my credit card was my best friend, and I spent a ton on books, clothes, food, and fun stuff. Had I noticed and admitted my spending problem at the time, I would […]

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6 Tips On How to Manage Your Money While In College


Freedom! Having been to college, I have to admit that’s the first thing I thought on my first day of school my freshman year. I was armed with a backpack full of books and a brand-spanking new Wells Fargo student credit card. I felt to independent and grown up. And every time my dad reminded […]

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