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Hired At First Sight: The Statistics of Looking Good

job interview

If only the way we look had no effect on the jobs we land and the amount of money we make. Unfortunately, career utopia doesn’t exist and regardless of policies set up by companies, human resource departments and governments, workplace discrimination does exist. I love reading career stats that change expectations and blur perspectives. I […]

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6 Reasons to Get an Internship


The time I spent as a publishing intern was what I consider to be one of my most valuable experiences in college. I enjoyed getting ready everyday for work with my colleagues. My schedule was light enough to go to school full-time, and had I needed to receive college credit for my work, I could […]

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10 Ways To Save Money in College


There’s one thing I know I could have done better while away at school—save money. During the months I spent away from home, my credit card was my best friend, and I spent a ton on books, clothes, food, and fun stuff. Had I noticed and admitted my spending problem at the time, I would […]

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Armed Car Service Officer Career

armed car service officer truck

Career Overview Armed car service officers work to protect valuables and money being transported from one location to another. This is very dangerous work. Therefore, guards in this field will wear bullet proof vests and other protective gear to protect them from harm while working. They will often carry firearms. They can also be responsible […]

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