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50 Questions You Should Ask in an Informational Interview


Informational interviews are a strategic way to gain an insider’s point of view on a certain career and to also build relationships in the field, especially if you’re thinking of switching careers. Prepare for your interview by researching the background of your interviewee and his or her business or organization. The most effective questions are […]

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Former Harlequin PR Intern Talks About How to Turn Your Internship Into a Permanent Position


For students of journalism and publishing, it is a well-known and unfortunate fact that internships are unlikely to turn into full-time, permanent positions.  Regardless, every internship is a potential opportunity to make the transition into full time work. I spoke with Lisa Wray who was able to make the transition from PR Intern at Harlequin […]

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4 Freelancing Tips of the Trade from Sherry Zander


Sherry Zander has been freelance writing for six years and has picked up writing projects paying as little as $10 to as much as $2000! She has seen the market go up and down, and has written everything from articles on business and finance to real estate and local news. Hard work and persistence have […]

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Former Sorority President Talks About Post-Grad Greek Life

Greek Life

Before I went to university, my idea of Greek life was not unlike Anna Faris’ character in The House Bunny. I am so grateful to have met two charming sisters during my university experience who proved my ideas about Greek life to be very wrong. When one of my roommates decided to spend the year […]

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“Do What You Love to Do”: An Interview with Valentino Salvador

Valentino Salvador

“Una vez [mi pareja] me preguntó si le engaño. Le dije que es mi esposa y que soy fiel, pero mi amante es el breakdance.” — Valentino Salvador Palacios [My partner once asked me if I cheat on her. I told her that she’s my wife and that I’m loyal to her, but that breakdance […]

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3 Reasons Why Klout Is Important for Your Career

Samantha Bangayan Klout

“My dating criteria: must have a higher Klout than me.” — @zrdavis on Twitter Entering the scene in 2009, Klout is referred to as “the standard for influence,” measuring over 75 million online users and with more than 2000 companies making use of its data. It determines your clout (influence or power) on the Internet […]

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4 Best Google Chrome Apps for Sharing and Collaborating


Career success involves teamwork and the Internet has provided us with a venue to easily share and collaborate with others both close to home and around the world. Google Chrome Apps can be easily installed to facilitate online cooperation. When you find the appropriate app and click on “Install,” a new tab with the app […]

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6 Things to Do During a Work Hiatus


Sometimes the cards we’re dealt aren’t the ones we’d choose for ourselves. This is a sad fact about life, but as they say, when one door closes, another opens. Whether you’re experiencing a break in your work schedule due to a move, lay off, firing, or anything else, there are plenty of options that can […]

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The Blog Commenting Guide for Your Career

Blog Comments

Using blog commenting as part of your social media marketing strategy requires that you reframe blog commenting from “leaving comments on blogs” to “engaging others in conversation by thoughtfully responding to blog posts.” The difference is in the details. Rather than leave untargeted comments on random blogs, aim to build relationships by reading blog posts […]

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4 Reasons You Should Comment on Blogs


A blog is your home base on the Internet where you provide valuable content to the world while interacting with your audience, developing your personal brand and promoting your services and business. But blogging is more than about maintaining a blog; it’s also about networking through active participation in blogging communities to build a powerful […]

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