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What Does the New Debt Deal Mean to Recent College Graduates?

For the last two weeks the fracas over whether or not the federal government was going to raise the debt ceiling (and thus not default on their bills) has dominated the news. Now that a deal has been reached by our three-ring (circus) government, everyone heaved a big sigh of relief. After all, a deal […]

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Can Today’s College Graduates Survive a Sick Economy?

For the first time since post WW-II the trajectory of the college graduate is an uncharted course. It used to be (as recently as five years ago) that anyone who went to college could expect some sort of well-paying, career-oriented job upon graduation. But now things are different. Today’s precarious world economy puts careers (especially […]

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The Sick System: Finding Health Coverage


Health coverage is an important factor to consider during the job hunt, particularly for new graduates approaching the age threshold in the United States; until age 26, young adults are able to be covered under a parent’s health insurance. 2014 brings with it more options for the individual who may not have the opportunity for […]

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