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Answers from the Experts on How to Be Unique: Insights from Lynn Brown

Learn It 2 Earn It with Lynn Brown

Lynn Brown has an impressively thorough background in finance, banking, real estate and business, but she couldn’t ignore the yearning to work for herself. She transitioned to online businesses involving online shopping and network marketing, and is now an “online business and success coach,” helping others achieve the same freedom in their lives. If you’re […]

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Answers from the Experts on How to Be Unique: Insights from Melanie Kissell

Melanie Kissell

What you’ll notice about Melanie Kissell from the moment you meet her is her caring heart, generosity and passion for all that she does as she expresses herself with a touch of humor and a lightheartedness that only wisdom can beget. What’s especially amazing is that she’s able to be a genuine friend to all […]

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Answers from the Experts on How to Be Unique: Insights from Marcus Baker

Marcus Baker

Marcus Baker is a network marketer who lives the life of his dreams through his internet-based business. He generates residual income through multiple sources at all hours of the day from the comfort of his home in Sydney, Australia and even during his travels around the world because all he needs is a laptop and […]

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Branding To The Extreme: What’s In A Name?

branding personal

Shakespeare said that a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. If he were alive today, he might say that a job-seeker by any other name is not as employable. I just listened to the most recent podcast by my two favourite quasi-moms, Cristen and Molly of Stuff Mom Never Told You, entitled, […]

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4 Reasons You Should Comment on Blogs


A blog is your home base on the Internet where you provide valuable content to the world while interacting with your audience, developing your personal brand and promoting your services and business. But blogging is more than about maintaining a blog; it’s also about networking through active participation in blogging communities to build a powerful […]

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4 Steps to Develop Your Personal Brand

Coca Cola

We all carry a personal brand that functions as our identity just like how products are branded. If you don’t brand yourself, others will do it for you based on how they perceive you, so make sure you’re consciously crafting your personal brand as you develop a presence on social media. Your brand should encompass […]

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Are Social Media Applications the New Cover Letter?


From the perspective of a recent grad, Gen Y who envisions working in a loft office, flexible hours, with office dogs and unlimited vacation time (yes, this exists), I say yes! My LinkedIn, Twitter and personal blog do a much better job at giving potential employers a snapshot of my abilities, education and experience. Now […]

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4 Ways to Publicize Yourself


When it comes to getting the word out about YOU and how you’re the best person for “the job” (or any job) nothing beats a good publicity campaign. Trouble is who in their right mind is going to hire a publicist just to get a job? As it turns out, you don’t need to. When […]

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