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The ABC’s of Career Testing for Recent Grads


For recent grads confused or unhappy with their first career moves, career testing may seem like a quick fix. Spend and hour or so checking off a few boxes and the universe will reveal just what career field will make you happy and successful, right? Probably not. Although valid career and personality tests can have […]

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She Applies, She Succeeds! Make the Most of Post-Grad Life With the Help of a Life Coach

Lori Dalton

Post-grad life should be exciting, rewarding, challenging and interesting. Unfortunately, for many people, post-grad life is quite the opposite: scary, confusing, difficult and a killer for your self-esteem. I spoke with Lori Dalton, a certified Life Coach in the Toronto area, about how life coaching can be a great tool for beating the blues often […]

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Former Sorority President Talks About Post-Grad Greek Life

Greek Life

Before I went to university, my idea of Greek life was not unlike Anna Faris’ character in The House Bunny. I am so grateful to have met two charming sisters during my university experience who proved my ideas about Greek life to be very wrong. When one of my roommates decided to spend the year […]

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4 Ways to Financially Survive Your First Year After Graduation

Nothing beats turning in that last term paper or taking that last test in the last class of your college career. At that point all you have to do is pass, and by this time you should be pretty good at writing papers and taking tests, so chances are you’re in sliding into home base […]

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Words of Wisdom: 5 Awesome Commencement Speeches

jk-rowling commencement speech

Meant to inspire, encourage and usher you confidently into the next chapter of your life, a commencement speech can either make or break your graduation ceremony. Just in case your commencement address wasn’t all-inspiring, here are five of my favourite commencement speeches that are sure to put you into post-grad action mode. 1. J.K Rowling’s […]

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Buyer Beware: 4 Reasons Why You Should Re-Think Grad School

graduate program

It probably crosses every recent grad’s mind: to go to grad school or to start the job search. Now that you’ve graduated and realized that university or college was a cozy bubble free from stressful job searching, financial responsibility and all those real-life post-grad shockers, it is easy to think that going to grad school […]

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Post-Grad Confession: What Is A Real Job?

real job

In the indie flick, A Real Job, a movie rental store employee meets the girl of his dreams. He moves into a blue collar job to impress her, only to discover that he no longer has time for her.  In addition, his new corporate employer is going to close down his beloved video store. The […]

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How Twentysomethings Are Changing The Workplace

business team standing

Gen Y is a hot topic in human resources and recruiting circles. As our parents generation starts to retire, love it our hate it, twentysomethings are entering the workforce full speed ahead. From my research, I found the typical Gen Y, twentysomething to be painted as someone who is: Self-entitled. Gen Y wants to be […]

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Post-Grad Confession: How I Survived My First Post-Grad Year

post graduate boredom

You’ve graduated from university or college. Now it’s time to leave the group of friends you’ve made over the past three or four years, potentially move back in with mom and dad, start paying off your debts and, worst of all, get a real job in the ‘real world.’ Post-grad depression sets in and the […]

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Reflecting On My University Convocation

college convocation

Convocation can be defined as the arranging or calling of a formal meeting.  I didn’t realize until the day of my convocation ceremony that the formal meeting of two very important people in particular had been arranged. I was dreading going to my university convocation.  In the weeks between finishing classes and the day of […]

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