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“Things Could Have Been Different”: An Interview with Zach Goldberg


“When I was younger I wanted to be three things,” says Zach Goldberg, 32 year-old former intern for Sirius Radio. “A Jedi Knight, although I think it was really a Sith Lord because I loved Darth Vader, a gangster, and a rockstar. I guess I always loved the idea of standing out in a crowd.” […]

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Recording Engineer Career Field

recording engineer

Recording engineers or technicians run and repair sound and video recording equipment. They also run the equipment made to create special effects like a bolt of lightning or an ambulance wailing in the background. Engineers who work on television or movie sound effects are called sound mixers or re-record mixers. Most of their work is […]

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Radio Engineer Career Field

radio engineer

Radio engineers can also be called radio operators or radio technicians. They utilize communications and radio equipment to receive and transmit information for radio services. They also repair equipment and ensure it’s in proper working order before radio show are broadcast or created. Educational Requirements and Licensing Requirements High School Diploma Associate’s Degree in Broadcast […]

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