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Beyond The Black and White: Generation Y Resume Options

Brandon Kleinman Mashable Resume

No longer is the standard one or two page black and white resume the only option. Generation Y grads have grown up on the computer and they know how to do more than print a Word document. A few of the other Yellow Brick Road bloggers have written about modern resume options over the past […]

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4 Tips to Help the Skills and Interests Section of Your Resume

Resume Comic Strip 1

What to do with that Skills and Interests section of your resume? Should you even have such a section on your resume? You’ll find a Skills section in nearly every resume template out there, but you’ll also hear many so-called experts say that the Skills section is past its prime, outdated, and unnecessary. Perhaps what […]

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How to Use Keywords in Your Resume


It’s tempting (and often encouraged) to send out one resume on multiple applications. After all, you poured hours into that thing to make sure it looks right–it even has the right font. The danger to that is missing out on the opportunity to pack your resume with specific keywords that recruiters are looking for. So what are those keywords? Luckily, right in front of you, scattered throughout the job posting. Here’s a quick guide on how to use them to your advantage.

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How To Upgrade Your Resume

improve resume

Practically all entry level job seekers would snicker (at the very least) if their new employer handed them a 3.5 inch floppy disk. A similar comical reaction would occur if the companies website was hosted by GeoCities, or inner-office communication rode on the back of AOL Instant Messenger. Technology in the work force is changing rapidly, but one antique entity still seems to be deeply entrenched in the corporate mindset; the traditional paper resume. Here are some ways to upgrade to Resume 2.0

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10 Resume Dos and Don’ts


You know the drill: keep your resume to one page, use a clean font, and write plenty of action verbs. But beyond that, how do you know that your resume isn’t getting tossed in the trash? Now that e-mailed resumes have become the norm, employers are flooded with applications and scan at a pace quicker than ever before. Dust off that document and follow these rules to make yours shine.

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