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Download Our Newest Resume Guides: Objectives and Keywords

Resume Guide 4 - Objective

The hits just keep on coming. As of this morning, we’ve just added two new resume-themed guides to our Free Download page which cover the ever elusive Objective section and the all-powerful keyword. These guides, respectively, cover such scintillating topics as: To have or not to have an objective section? What should you write in […]

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New Free Resume Guides

Resume Formatting for Newbies

You know, they say the best things in life are free, but how many things are actually free anymore? Not many, my friend, not many. Water? Not free. Fruit from your neighbor’s plum tree? Actually not free. Sunlight? I’m sure Donald Trump is trying to find a way to charge for that. According to many […]

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5 Things Hiring Managers Are Looking for on Resumes

Hiring Manager

There are a lot of tips out there for how to make your resume look great. However, they don’t all apply to the specific things that hiring managers are currently looking for. The 2011 job market is an interesting one. It is unique from past years in that hiring managers are dealing with applicants who […]

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8 Resume Myths Debunked


When you set out to find a new job the first task at hand is to update the dreaded resume. I say dreaded because most people have no idea what to put on a resume; they either include every personal detail about themselves or so little information you’d think they were part of the witness […]

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21st Century Resumes: What is Resume Hosting?


There is a lot of advice out there about how to create the perfect resume. However what much of that advice fails to take into consideration is the fact that we are now living in the 21st century. Although the basics of resumes remain the same today as they did for our parents and their […]

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8 Things Unemployed People Can Do That Look Good on a Resume


Being unemployed can take a huge toll on your self-esteem. This makes it difficult for you to take pride in your resume when you are asked to explain it at a job interview. However, there are actions that you can take during unemployment that will build your self-confidence and will also look great on a […]

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