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3 Reasons to Become a Resident Advisor


When I transferred to college as a junior, I was lucky to receive housing. At some institutions your odds of obtaining an on-campus place diminish depending on how many credits you have. This can be stressful for students who wish to live in a secure campus building or for those who are unfamiliar with a […]

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Summer Fun on a Student Budget


As I write this post, the sun is shining outside and countless college students are in search of fun things to do without breaking the bank. I’ve come up with a long list of activities to do to stay busy during the summer. There’s a little something for everyone here. Whether you’re a current college student, […]

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6 Free Online Money Management Tools


Managing your money is all about keeping organized and what better way to do so than an online software designed for your needs and accessible anywhere there’s Internet. Money is the leading cause of stress for Americans, so it’s worthwhile to build good money habits early. Make sure you’re not spending more than your income […]

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