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YellowBrickRoad Video #4: Resources

career resource video

Get ready for the fourth installment of our YellowBrickRoad career video series! In this webisode, Angie hits the streets to talk to dentists, salespeople, mathematicians, pharmacists, and aspiring entertainers to find out what career resources they have at their disposal. These are the golden questions for anyone trying to determine what resources they have to […]

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Find Your Dream Job With Astrology


Perhaps you’re new to the job market, or maybe you’ve decided your current gig just isn’t fulfilling your life like it should.  Click here for six reasons to quit your current job.  If you’re like many people, turning to astrology, a science that predates astronomy and psychology, isn’t such a farfetched idea. Besides reading about romance […]

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Child Guidance Counselor Career Field

child guidance counselor

Career Overview Child guidance counselors provide assistance to students at all levels of education from elementary school to postsecondary schooling. Generally, child guidance counselors are more prone to be found working in the elementary school level, grades kindergarten through sixth grade in the traditional public school systems of the United States. Guidance counselors are also […]

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Education Counselor Career Field

education counselor

Career Overview Education counselors are also known as school and vocational counselors. They provide counseling services for students in groups and individually and help them with career, personal, social and academic decision and issues. School counselors work with students from elementary school aged children all the way through college. They work with both students and […]

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Counselor Career Field


Career Overview Counseling is a vast career field. Counselors work in a huge variety of setting to provide counseling, therapy, rehabilitation, and support to their clients. The responsibilities of a counselor vary depending on the type of clients they serve. School counselors generally work with school aged children. Vocational counselors may serve those who are […]

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Counseling Psychologist Career Field

counseling psychologist

Career Overview Counseling psychologists are responsible to help patients in dealing with everyday life problems. This includes advising patients on issues related to the home, workplace, their community, and helping to improve their overall quality of life. They often work in crisis counseling centers, universities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and individual and group practices. In fact, […]

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