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6 Ways to Be Better at Socializing


Do your palms sweat at the thought of weddings, networking events and other social gatherings? You’re not alone. Here’s a surprising fact: most people consider themselves to be shy. Though many choose to be wallflowers at anxiety inducing events, it’s the outgoing and friendly types of people who make contacts, get business, and stand out. […]

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3 Best Google Chrome Apps for Successful Social Networking

Online Networking

Google Chrome calls their Chrome Web Store an “online marketplace.” There you’ll find literally thousands of apps and extensions organized into ten different categories from paid and free versions of educational and family-related apps and extensions to news and shopping. Within the library, there are over 600 listed in the “Social and Communication” category. You […]

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5 Ways to Make Your Mentorship Meaningful


Have you ever felt overwhelmed while wondering how you’re going to make it in your chosen field? It can be difficult and intimidating to imagine being the sole guide on an unknown journey. There’s no doubt that certain situations will crop up in life, and you will have questions about how to handle them the […]

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3 Ways to Connect More Deeply with People on Twitter


Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos.com, advises us: “Don’t network, build relationships,” because not only are those authentic friendships their own reward, but they also often benefit you or your business in the future. And who would have known that you could build relationships using only 140 characters at a time? Twitter forces you to […]

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4 Ways You Need to Listen on the Internet


“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” — Bernard Baruch, American financier, political consultant and philanthropist. Taking into consideration the fact that social networking is key to building a successful career, you may feel justified in socializing your heart out all over the Internet. Although reaching […]

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4 Ways to Build Relationships on Facebook

Facebook Logo

When you’ve connected with new people on Facebook, don’t let the relationships stop there. Build relationships by staying in contact and continuing the conversations. The more you strengthen your connections with others, the more exposure you bring yourself and a successful job search depends on getting noticed. Here are four ways to turn your Facebook […]

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3 Steps to Grow Your Network on Facebook

Facebook Profile

Recognized as the top social networking site by Discovery News and connecting over 500 million people, Facebook is arguably the best online platform for you to grow your network. Amidst the millions, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to make connections that you can turn into real friendships. Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s official announcement when Facebook […]

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4 Steps to Develop Your Personal Brand

Coca Cola

We all carry a personal brand that functions as our identity just like how products are branded. If you don’t brand yourself, others will do it for you based on how they perceive you, so make sure you’re consciously crafting your personal brand as you develop a presence on social media. Your brand should encompass […]

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4 Types of People You Should Network with in College


As a recent college student, I did a pretty good job of brushing elbows with as many people as I could. Those that I chose to network with have been invaluable in helping to support me on my job search. I never had a trusty map to turn to every time I had a question […]

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7 Facebook Job Hunt Tips


Jean Chatzy, one of the financial advisors on The Today Show, has repeatedly recommended that people looking for jobs not only join networks like Linked-In but also Facebook. Really? Facebook? No longer considered just an Internet toy for nerdy teens and college co-eds, Facebook has grown up to be a legitimate tool in the business […]

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