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Your College Graduation Checklist


One week ago, I celebrated my college graduation in Boston, Massachusetts. There was food, festivities, and friends and family swarming the streets of my college city. Despite the rainy weather, it was an unforgettable time. To help future graduates make the most of their special days, I decided to research the most important tips for having […]

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8 Ways to Improve Your College Social Life


Starting college can be intimidating no matter what your age. Even if you’re going back to college to start a new career, your encounters the second time around are going to be varied. College is a different animal than it was even five to 10 years ago, and regardless if you’re planning on attending a […]

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4 Types of People You Should Network with in College


As a recent college student, I did a pretty good job of brushing elbows with as many people as I could. Those that I chose to network with have been invaluable in helping to support me on my job search. I never had a trusty map to turn to every time I had a question […]

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Whose Job is it to Protect Academic Freedom?

Academic Freedom

In the United States we have a cherished tradition of academic freedom, stemming from our 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech.  “Academic freedom” is such an important value because it is supposed to guarantee that a scholar can follow his or her research wherever it will lead, without being afraid that the results will […]

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