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3 Creative New Careers That Combine Old Skills


If necessity is the mother of invention, then creativity has to be a close cousin. While it’s true that most jobs and careers come into existence by filling a need that people will pay for, there are some interesting careers that pop up as a direct result of creative thinking. Instead of finding a need […]

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How to Get a 4 Day Work Week Every Week of the Year


How would you like it if every single weekend was a three-day weekend for you?Many of us feel like our weekends fly by too quickly and would be thrilled to have that extra day to relax and rejuvenate at the end of the week. Getting that to happen isn’t actually as tough for most people […]

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10 Step Guide to Switching Careers


Are you tired of the career that you’ve made a living at so far? Many people would love to switch career paths but are terrified to do so in an economy where employment is tough to find even with a lot of experience in a particular field. These tough times shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams but you do need to go about doing so in a practical manner. This ten step guide will help you switch careers successfully!

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