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6 Key Skills to Gain While Working Abroad


Working abroad is about more than just bragging rights and listing an exotic country on your resume. It’s about building important skills that will help you get hired and give you an advantage in your future career. Taking time off to work or volunteer in another country before you start job hunting will turn you […]

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3 Reasons Moving Abroad Will Help You Professionally

living abroad

“Wow, so you lived in Taiwan for a while?” “Actually sir, it’s Thailand. It’s a beautiful country located in Southeast Asia, formally known as Siam.”

That was how the majority of my job interviews started, regardless of whether I was seated across from the head of HR at Merrill Lynch, or the manager of the local Starbucks. Studying, and subsequently living abroad is a great conversation starter in an interview ,as it usually breaks the ice and shows the employer your not simply a 9-5 clock puncher. Here are some other advantages of living abroad.

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