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What the New Debit Card Fees Mean to College Students and the Unemployed

As if being a starving student or juggling a minimum wage job while trying to launch your career were not enough, banks are the most recent conglomerates to reach into the shallow pockets of the shrinking middle class. This past week Bank of America announced that in 2012 they will start charging $5 per month […]

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Unemployed and Socially Anxious? Twice the Odds of Remaining Jobless


Finding a way to deal with the stress of unemployment helps in treating the symptoms; isolating the source of unemployment, however, can be a painful road of psychoanalysis.  Lie back on the couch, dear unemployed reader, and begin the examination. For some, the answer is simple: finding a job in this economy, despite every effort, […]

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5 Ways to Deal With Unemployment Stress


Whether you’re about to graduate from college or you recently lost your job, facing unemployment is a scary prospect. The unknown of how long you will be out of work is always at the center of your stress. The times I’ve been in between jobs I’ve always said if I only knew when I’d get […]

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