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Massage Therapist Careers

Careers for massage therapists

Career Overview Massage therapists utilize over 80 kinds of massages called modalities. They specialize in several of these modalities and techniques. Massage is used to assist clients relax and improve flexibility and muscle tone in certain areas of the body. A large portion of massage therapists are self-employed and work part-time. They work in spas, […]

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Home Inspector Careers

Careers for home inspectors

Career Overview Home inspectors are also called construction inspectors. They are responsible to ensure that buildings and other infrastructures are safe including streets, sewers, and water systems. Home inspectors specifically check that the construction of residential buildings complies with the building codes, ordinances, zoning regulations, and contractor specifications of a given area and home plan. […]

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Esthetician Career Field

Careers for aestheticians

Career Overview Estheticians are also called skin care specialists. Estheticians work with clients to help them care for their skin, specifically their facial skin. They provide clients with facials and full body treatments. They may also do head and neck massages, help their clients with applying make-up, perform hair removal through waxing or when trained, […]

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Energy Auditor Careers

Careers for energy auditors

Career Overview Energy auditors perform energy audits on buildings and systems that allow buildings to stay cool, heated, and electrified. Energy auditors are also sometimes called energy raters, energy consultants, home performance consultants, building performance consultants, or home energy raters. Energy auditors are part of a new and growing trend of green careers becoming part […]

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Electrician Career Field

Careers for electricians

Career Overview Electricians are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the electrical systems that give our homes and businesses electrical power. They install, fix, and maintain the wiring and equipment that electricity flows through. This can also include machinery in homes and businesses. Over 79 percent of electricians are employed in the construction industry […]

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Chef Careers

careers for chefs

Career Overview Chefs are also known as head cooks. It is their job to oversee the preparation and menu of daily food service in restaurants and eating establishments. A head chef will serve in supervisory positions over other cooks and food servers. They are often the most skilled cook in the kitchen and use their […]

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Title Examiner Careers

Careers for title examiners

Career Overview Title examiners research real estate records and examine property titles. They can also be called abstractors and real estate searchers. They also summarize important legal information from legal documents like property titles for insurance and legal purposes. They may also research and put together lists of mortgages, contracts, and other real estate documentation […]

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Plumbing Careers

plumbing careers

Plumbers are responsible for maintaining water fixtures and systems for residential and commercial buildings. They can also work with gas systems in homes ensuring they are properly installed. They install plumbing fixtures including showers, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. They can also work with some outdoor water facilities. They may also install appliances including dishwashers, waste disposals, and water heaters. They maintain the pipes etc. that run water in and out of residential and commercial buildings.

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