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How to Handle Workplace Rejection

rejection letter

I’m sorry to inform you… Most people have experienced rejection of some form in their lives. Whether it’s trying out for the softball team and not making the cut or asking out that cute girl who simply doesn’t feel the same about you. Simply put, rejection hurts. Unfortunately it can feel even more painful when […]

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6 Ways to Handle a Workplace Bully


We’ve all grown up since high school, right? If you’ve recently found yourself wondering about the answer to this question, you may have a workplace bully on your hands—or even worse, one on your back. Dealing with mean girls and guys is one thing when you’re a young teenager; trying to hide from harassment on […]

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6 Reasons To Quit Your Current Job


People may say you’re lucky to be employed in these tough economic times, but perhaps they just don’t know what you’re going through. Here are six reasons to hit the ground running and never look back: Your company is going down. Have you nervously increased your work capacity at the threat of being let go? […]

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Is Your Employer Ethical? 6 Questions for Moral Employees

Ethical Employer

I know times are hard, and those of us who have jobs are lucky to have them. But some companies are making up for shortfalls through unethical business practices. Here are a few questions to ask if you suspect yours is one of them.

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