5 Reasons to Use Your Career Services Office

If you’re a college or grad student, chances are that your school has a career services office. And chances are that you’ve never visited. Not a problem. As long as you’re still in school — and it’s not the day of graduation — it’s never too late to visit the career services office. Here are a five great reasons you should visit your school’s career services office and why you’ll be thankful that you did:

  1. Free career counseling
  2. You may think you have little in common with well-established professionals, but you do: a lot of people, no matter how entrenched in their field, are still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Identifying your passions and skills is a lifelong process, but the front end of that journey can be made a little easier with some counseling.

    What that looks like can vary from school to school, but most likely someone there is on hand to administer a personality test or interest, skills, and aptitude survey. It’s one of those things that just helps you pin down who you are, what you’re good at, and what would probably work best for you. People pay good money to glean wisdom from a career coach/counselor, so the fact that this service is free for you is huge. (Ignore the impulse to calculate how much of your tuition goes into this.)

  3. Resume feedback
  4. That first step into the working world can be a tenuous one, especially when you’ve got, at best, one work-study desk job to brag about on your resume. Don’t navigate the resume-writing waters alone; a staff member is trained to give feedback, suggest edits and format, and give you overall tips–all of which will get you started on the right foot and prevent a ton of time and headaches in the future. Think a stitch in time and an ounce of prevention.

  5. Opportunities
  6. Let’s face it: job-searching is a pain in the you know where. It’s a lonely venture that is seldom kind to one’s self-esteem. Think of your college career advisor as a headhunter of sorts. She can connect you to internships or opportunities, especially with local businesses who send job ads that you won’t find advertised elsewhere.

  7. Seminars galore
  8. Career services offices push a ton of events, seminars, and workshops. How To Interview. What Not To Wear. How To Use Social Media. What To Do With a Humanities Major. Being a Woman in the Corporate World. These resources are a goldmine; not only do they distill the latest trends and advice, they also often feature guest lecturers or panelists who are “experts” in their field. So not only do you learn useful, practical information, you often get to schmooze with big kahunas over butter cookies and punch. And trust me: a firm handshake or thoughtful question leaves a lasting impression.

  9. Free candy
  10. If all else fails, that candy jar perched on the front desk is a good excuse to walk in. Hey, whatever gets you through the day.

What’s your favorite thing about visiting the career services office? Tell us in the comments below.

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